Learning Style Lighting Preferences

learning style lighting preferenceWhen I was a child, my mother used to worry about my eyes because I liked to study in dim light.  As it turns out, dim lighting can make a better learning environment for many learners.  Studies have shown that 70% of learners are measurably affected by their preference for either bright or dim lighting.

How do you know your children’s preference? If they are older than about 7 years, simply ask them.  “When you are trying to work on something difficult [pick their most difficult subject], does is help you to sit in bright light, or do you want to be in the shade?”  If they are younger, watch their reactions to each environment.  If they don’t have a preference, don’t sweat it.  If they do, help them to set up a space that is dimmer or brighter depending on their preference.

I also recommend encouraging their unique learning style by giving them a small lamp or special shade or tent for their learning space.  See my online Amazon learning style store for more ideas!

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