Learning Style Lighting Preferences

When I was a child, my mother used to worry about my eyes because I liked to study in dim light.  As it turns out, dim lighting can make a better learning environment for many learners.  Studies have shown that 70% of learners are measurably affected by their preference for either bright or dim lighting. […]

How to Teach Global Learners

A global learning style preference has to do with the way a student processes information.  Global learners need a main idea or whole picture about the subject before they can process the details and related information.  However, educators are often trained to teach in an analytical way; that is, giving facts step-by-step and leading the […]

Kinesthetic Learners: Movers & Shakers!

Will you ever get such a child to sit still and “pay attention”?!! And herein lies the discrepancy; when a kinesthetic learner is sitting still he or she is often struggling to “pay attention” because of the “sitting still”. Unfortunately, kinesthetic learners are more often labeled as having ADHD, more prone to misbehave in a […]

3 Proven Strategies to Teach Low-conforming Learners

Oftentimes low-conforming learners are mistaken for rebellious or “difficult-to-teach” students. They need to have a decision in the learning process and this can make things difficult for a student who must follow a set schedule and learn in a structured environment. However, it is easy to teach low-conforming learners if the teacher or parent follows […]